Amazon – the online shopping giant based in the USA on Thursday launched it’s first “just walk out shopping” outlet outside the United States, as the online retail store steps up its competition with traditional supermarkets and other retailers. A similar model which was introduced here in Nigeria years ago by Konga although not a just walk out shopping as in the case of Amazon but we take pride in Konga with the introduction of physical retail outlet in the online retail industry in Nigeria.

The Amazon machine learning aided store is tagged – Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is in Ealing, London, and it is much smaller than a supermarket. It will sell prepared meals, some groceries, and Amazon devices, as well as having a counter for collecting and returning online orders.

How does Amazon Fresh Operate without tills?
Shoppers will scan a smartphone QR code to open the store’s gates and their purchases will be tallied using ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors.

The technology can also register when someone has put an item back on the shelf, if they change their mind, for instance.

The shopper’s on-file credit card is billed after they leave the shop and a receipt is emailed, meaning they can walk out of the store without waiting to pay.

“It was really strange, it felt like I was a criminal, because I was just taking things and putting them straight in my bag,” 71-year-old Ealing resident Philippa Dolphin told AFP – techxplore reported.

This giant stride means a lot in the online retail space as isinuated by a shopper “It is kind of reversing the trend for e-commerce and digital shelves, so it is quite unusual in that respect,” the 58-year-old creative director said.

Hoping to see the kind of innovation Escapade Nigeria, Konga and Jumia will be coming up within the foreseeable future in the Nigeria retail space.