Types of ovens and gas cookers, One device that is used practically daily is a Gas cooker. The gas cooker is referred to as a stove by some, a cooker oven by others, and a standing cooker by still others.

Fun fact:

A culinary device with an integrated cooker and oven is referred to as a “range.” Let’s have a look at the several classifications that ovens and cookers fall under.


In many Nigerian homes, gas oven cookers are the most common form of cooker. Gas ovens and cooktops are both a part of gas cookers. The gas provides a gas-powered flame and acts as fuel. This allows you to cook quickly on the stovetop, while the oven portion heats up more quickly. In comparison to electric oven cookers, it frequently has a cheap operating cost. In addition, a lot of people think it’s a better appliance for grilling food. As this is the most popular type of cooker we provide, we’ll be using them frequently.

Electric oven cookers

Unlike its gas counterpart, the electric cooker is powered solely by electricity. The electric oven cooker heats more evenly compared to gas cookers, making it a top choice for bakers. The electric cooker’s heat can be regulated depending on the type of meal you are preparing.

Ovens with two fuel sources or Dual Fuel oven cookers

These types of cookers have both electric and gas parts. This is also a common version of cooker in Nigerian homes. Some parts of the cooking range are typically powered by gas, while others are powered by electricity. If you are looking for a mix of both fuel ranges, then the dual fuel oven cooker is the perfect choice for you, as you can switch from electricity to gas and vice versa.

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Induction oven cooker

Inventions like induction cookers are relatively new. They typically run on electricity. They have a glass cooker top rather than an electric cooker hob, similar to electric cooker tops. They stand out for quickly heating up, outperforming gas and electric oven cookers in terms of speed of operation.

The cooker’s orientation

Standing Gas cookers Range

The standing gas cookers combine an oven and a stove into one device. Since they are independent cookers, they are simple to install. They typically come in a variety of sizes and burner/hob configurations.

Table Top Gas cookers

Table Top Gas cookers lack an oven, as its name suggests. Similar to the standing gas cooker, they feature various hob and burner configurations and come in various sizes.

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