Are you a working mother, businesswoman, or entrepreneur seeking for a stylish and reasonably priced washing machine? Escapade Online Shopping Mall has you covered with the best washing machines of the highest calibre available in Nigeria in 2022.


Best of overall washing machine

Samsung Washing Machine WW5000T Front Loading Washer with Eco Bubble Hygiene Steam, DIT, 8kg

  • Eco Bubble™
  • Hygiene Steam
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Energy Efficiency Class
  • Bubble technology1ds
Price : 315,000

Stop wasting detergent and save yourself the time and effort of cleaning out the detergent drawer. With a specially designed water flushing system, the StayClean Drawer ensures that more of the detergent is washed away. As a result, there is less unsightly soap residue and the tray remains cleaner and more sanitary.

With Eco BubbleTM technology, you can clean effectively even at low temperatures*. Detergent is transformed into bubbles, allowing it to easily penetrate fabric and remove dirt while conserving energy and protecting its colour and texture.

Digital Inverter Technology employs strong magnets to provide a quieter* and more powerful performance while using less energy than a Universal Motor. It provides outstanding durability** by eliminating the use of brushes, and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Best Value Washing Machine

LG Top Load Washer T1666NEFTF 16KG

  • Smart Inverter
  • Smart Motion
  • TurboDrum
  • Punch+3
  • Auto Pre-wash
  • Full Stainless Steel Tub
Price: 300,000

When LG Top Load Washer T1666NEFTF 16KG washing machine is turned off due to a power outage, it will automatically restart from the last position it was in to adjust accordingly.

Even if the power cord is plugged in while the power is turned off, only a very small amount of electricity will flow through the washer. You don’t have to be concerned about wasting electricity.

Tough stains can be removed with a single touch. Allows your washing machine to do the laundry, freeing up your hands.

Smart Inverter Motor minimizes noise and vibration level. Plus more durability and 10 year motor warranty.

Hisense Front Load Washer 6012S 6KG

  • Energy Saving for Money
  • Super Quick Wash for Time Saving
  • Intelligent LED Display
  • Snowflake Drum for Clothes Protecting
  • Smart Spin Balance control.
  •  Drum Self Clean for Health
Price: 210,000

Choosing a washing machine you can rely on with your clothes is just as important as the detergent you use. Hisense washing machines are all built to the highest standards, making any purchase a wise one.

Hisense washing machines are simple and easy to use. It has a 6Kg loading capacity, as well as multiple wash programmes and spin speeds. Top-loading washing machine with stainless steel tub and powerful heavy-duty motor.

Look through our top and front loader washing machines. We have exactly what you need. Hisense washing machines are both inexpensive and fashionable. We have front loaders that can carry up to 5kg of laundry, which is ideal for larger families with long laundry day weekends planned.

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Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Front Load HWD80-BP14636S 8/5 KG

  • ABT Technology – Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria
  • Electronic Washing Magnet
  • Automatic Regulation Of Water Consumption
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • A+++ Energy Saver

The drum gasket and detergent dispenser compartment adopt unique ABT® treatment which prevents bacteria and germs from multiplying in the washing machine given the usually high humidity inside a washing machine.

The design of the high-quality drum creates waves of water to take better care of your textiles, avoiding any damages while giving the maximum wash performance.

The stylish widescreen LED display gives a very clear view of program settings and monitoring cycle progress.

LG Front Load Washer Inverter Washing Machine FH2J3WDNP0 6.5kg

  • Front Load (Wash Only) WashineMachine
  • 6.5kg, White
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor
  • 6 Motion DD
  • Smart Diagnosis
Price: 215,000

6 Motion DD technology offers motion combinations that are optimised for each fabric type. As a result, it provides powerful washing performance while causing less damage.

LG’s Smart DiagnosisTM is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot problems without calling a technician. Simply dial the LG Customer Service Helpline and hang up the phone. The appliance then communicates with a computer, which quickly diagnoses the problem and provides an immediate solution.