The use of mobile phones in Nigeria is more of a necessity than luxury but the question is what are the key specification buyers required to meet their needs and with what budget? From perspective and statistics, we find out that mobile phone buyers tend to take a buy decision base on the following:
a. Latest or Old Models b. Top-rated brands c. Price range d. Specification with special reference to memory and camera e. Durability f. Most importantly budget.
Hence, a question of buying a new or used phone popularly called UK/London used. We gathered that there use to be a wide gap of the price difference between new and used phone which is up to about 60% off for some brands like in the case of blackberry, while others like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony as about 45% off which are usually very clean base on your source. Although, used phones or London used phones don’t come with accessories but buyers find them to be budget-friendly and they get to enjoy the specification or features desired. Buying a used phone should also come with great caution of not buying a stolen item, which is why you need to watch out for a good source.

Moreover, buyers don’t share the same philosophy about buying a used phone, as a result, we will suggest if you have the money to buy new once it is preferred to put your mind to rest, satisfy your ego, enjoy product warranties among other benefits.