Counterfeit HP cartridges are predominantly refilled or remanufactured print cartridges packed in unauthorized or fake reproductions of HP packaging, which can cheat you out of your money and provide you with performance that can’t compare to genuine HP cartridges. At HP, we are constantly striving to protect you from counterfeiters with new security measures.
3 easy ways to spot the fakes

1. Scan the code

Step 1
Locate your HP security seal and open your QR code scanner app. If you don’t have a QR code scanner, you can use our HP SureSupply app.

Step 2
Use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code on the cartridge’s
security seal. After your scanner processes the QR code, you’ll see a
validation screen from HP.

2. Inspect the security label
Look for these 3 tell-tale signs that your cartridge may have been tampered with:
· The lines in the pattern do not match
· The label is coloured rather than transparent
· The text changes on the label to show ‘seal is void’
Check the blue hologram copy to confirm that:
· “OK” and “√” move in opposite directions when tilting the box top to bottom.
· “OK” and “√” move in the same direction when tilting the box left to right.

3. Check online
To validate, visit and enter the serial number from the security label.